CSCS Replacement Card

If your CSCS card is lost, stolen, damaged or misplaced, you’re right to want to get a replacement card as quickly as possible. As CSCS cards are a widespread requirement when working on construction sites across the UK, arriving without one could prevent you from being able to work.

With the CSCS card scheme an initiative of the government-led Construction Industry Training Board (CITB), the prospect of obtaining a replacement card can feel like a major hassle but don’t worry, when you’ve got all the information you need at your disposal, replacing your card is easier than you think.

From who to call to what to do, here’s all the information you need to understand how to order a replacement card so your new card is with you as soon as possible.

What to do about a lost, stolen, damaged or missing CSCS card

There are two options for obtaining a replacement card.

You can either:

  • call the CSCS Contact Centre on 0344 994 4777
  • or apply online on the CSCS website

Applying by phone

If you plan to call the CSCS Contact Centre to get your replacement card, you’ll need to call on a weekday between 8 am and 6 pm. The Contact Centre telephone line is closed on weekends. It’s worth noting, the CSCS says telephone applications take longer to process than those completed online.

Applying online

The CSCS recommend you apply for your replacement card via an online application form because it’s quicker but we can all understand the reassurance which comes from speaking to someone official, especially when you’ve lost something so valuable, so don’t be afraid to call the Contact Centre if that’s your preference.

To apply for your replacement card online you’ll need to have a CSCS account. If you haven’t got an account with the CSCS yet, you can open one here.

How much does a replacement CSCS card cost?

Your replacement card will cost £36. You’ll need to pay when you call the Contact Centre or apply for your replacement card online. The CSCS accepts payment by credit or debit card so have one at the ready. The replacement cost for a CSCS card is the same, regardless of the type of CSCS card being replaced.

What you can expect when you call or apply online

  • Whether you call the Contact Centre or apply online, to get your replacement card you’ll need to provide your CSCS registration number and know the email address for your account. If you don’t have your registration number, your National Insurance number should be sufficient.
  • You’ll also be ready to pay the £36 fee for your replacement card.
  • Your new card will still have the same expiry date and retain all your original information.
  • Your replacement card should be on its way to you, by post, on the next working day. CSCS cards usually arrive within 3-10 days. If more than 10 days have passed, call the Contact Centre on 0344 994 4777.