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CPCS Forward Tipping Dumper Mock Test Questions and Answers

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It doesn’t take long before you come across a forward-tipping dumper on a construction site but did you know you’ll need to complete CPCS dumper training to operate one? The CPCS dumper course is a comprehensive training programme for both new or experienced operators.

Shaped to ensure high standards of practice across the industry, there are foundation dumper courses for beginners and intermediate dumper training courses for experienced drivers. You’ll get your licence at the end of the course in the form of a vital CPCS red card.

To acquire your dumper licence you’ll need to pass both a theory and practical test. Assessment demonstrates you can operate the machine to the required industry standard. Read on to find out all you need to know about the A09 CPCS Dumper Course – your key to a new career in construction.

What is CPCS dumper training?

Carrying huge loads of materials at the front of the machine, forward-tipping dumpers are always busy. Transporting goods around a construction site they play a vital role in projects yet there are many hazards involved in the work.

With the load at the front, you’re at a greater risk of running into hazards. Indeed, forward-tipping dumpers are frequently involved in accidents on building sites.

Dumper training ensures you have time to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to avoid unwanted accidents. Standardised industry training means employers can be sure trained operatives will be able to carry out their work safely.

The Construction Plant Competence Scheme (CPCS) have a remit to promote safe practice on-site so CPCS qualifications are highly respected across the construction industry.

Training is a mandatory requirement so you’ll need to complete the course to develop your career as a dumper operative. Some employers do offer CPCS dumper training as part of their recruitment package. Therefore, it’s always worth checking job adverts carefully.

Who is dumper training for?

The A09 CPCS dumper course is designed for those who will or already operate forward-tipping dumpers. It is also suitable for operators of articulated dumper trucks. For experienced drivers, the course may be necessary if you are: changing jobs, have recently had an accident or have been previously caught driving dangerously.

Training courses for experienced operatives won’t involve a practical test and will take place over fewer sessions than training for beginners.

What does the CPCS dumper course involve?

The CPCS dumper course is an in-depth course designed to ensure you leave a well-trained professional. With the Construction Plant Competence Scheme part of the industry’s drive to raise standards of training across the sector, you can expect a dynamic, well-organised course.

Training will be a mixture of classroom sessions and practical experience. You’ll learn all-important statutory procedures, national guidance and industry standards for practice plus a whole host of vital skills for operating forward-tipping dumpers on building sites.

On the last day, you’ll take both your theory and practice tests to complete the course. When you pass, you’ll be rewarded with a CPCS red card, a place on the RTITB’S NPORS national registry of qualified dumper operators and a certificate. All three give you a solid foundation from which to develop your career in the industry.

In two years time, you can apply for the next grade of CPCS card, the blue Competent Operator CPCS card. To qualify for a blue CPCS card you will need to have completed your NVQ Level 2 in one of the subjects outlined by the CPCS.

Mandatory course requirements

To take the CPCS dumper test you will need to have passed the CITB Health Safety and Environment test, commonly known as the CSCS test, within the last two years. This still applies if you have already completed the CITB test in the past and your certificate is more than two years old.  Take a CSCS mock test here.

The CPCS dumper training course includes the following topics:

  • the controls and parts of a forward-tipping dumper.
  • your legal, industry and company responsibilities in role.
  • important health and safety legislation.
  • mandatory procedures as set out in legislation, industry regulations and more.
  • how to drive and manoeuvre on different types of terrain.
  • carrying out accurate checks before and after use.
  • how to position and discharge loads safely in different conditions.
  • the correct protocols for loading and unloading.

What is the CPCS dumper training test?

The CPCS dumper test has two parts, a practical test which lasts for about 70 minutes and a verbal theory test. The theory test involves the tester asking questions which are mostly multiple choice. It will take about an hour to complete the dumper theory test.

The pass mark for the dumper course is 80%. Though this is high, you’ll only be tested on topics covered during the course and our free practice tests will help you revise in advance.

How long does dumper training last?

There are different course lengths for experienced operators and those who are beginners. Most dumper training courses last between 2-5 days with shorter courses for experienced drivers.

How much does CPCS dumper training cost?

Again, training costs for CPCS dumper courses depend on which course you choose but you can expect to pay around £700 for most options. Training costs are all-inclusive, covering both tuition and assessment. You can get help with training from the Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) which issue grants across the industry.

What is a red CPCS card?

Your CPCS red card will be required by employers to evidence your training to required industry standards. CPCS cards were introduced to create a standardised level of professional development recognised throughout the construction sector.

The card, known as the CPCS Red Trained Operator Card, is not intended to be kept for more than two years so you continue to grow as a professional operative. The next card up is the blue CPCS card for experienced operators.

You’ll need to complete the required SVQ/ NVQ in a relevant subject to qualify for a blue card within two years of receiving your red CPCS card. The blue Competent Operator card lasts for 5 years and can be renewed. Learn more about the blue CPCS card.

Take our free practice dumper theory test today and make sure you pass first time.