CSCS / CITB Card Checker

CSCS cards play an important role in safeguarding on site so it’s really important there are robust ways to verify a card is genuine. The online CSCS card checker makes it possible to check the authenticity of a CSCS card online with ease.

An employee with a fake CSCS card is the last thing you want on-site. Beyond issues of trust in the employee, the presence of an unverified member of staff puts your business and staff in danger. An accident on site will mean harm to your community and your company. Therefore, knowing how to verify a card using the correct tools provided by the CSCS, is essential.

In fact, the CSCS card checker is supported by two other tools which enable you to clarify the authenticity and validity of a CSCS card. With both digital and traditional methods of verification possible, it’s quick and easy to check a CSCS card is real and in date. You can even check cards belonging to partner schemes, including CPCS cards from the Construction Plant Competence Scheme.

Here’s all you need to know about the online CSCS and CPCS card checker and how to use it.

What is the CITB Card Checker?

The importance of official verification

When CSCS cards were introduced by the Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) in 1995, their purpose was to reduce the high percentage of injuries and fatalities on UK building sites. Take up across the industry spread quickly.

Today, CSCS cards, issued under the CITB’s Construction Skills Certification Scheme, are a standard requirement to gain access to any construction site in the UK.

With the CSCS acting as official proof of verification for an employee or site visitor’s qualifications, name, address, age, training and more, CSCS cards now form a valuable layer of vetting for new recruits, visitors and existing staff.

Indeed, the inclusion of a colour scheme encourages employees to increase their skillset and obtain cards in higher grades, this has added benefits for your business as well as employees.

Card colours also make it easy to see who should have access to different parts of a site. Meanwhile, the inclusion of a verified photo means a CSCS card can be used as general ID on site.

Serving multiple security purposes, it’s essential any CSCS card can be checked quickly and easily via the online CITB card checker. However, there are other options you may also want to use.

Want to check cards quickly on the go? Download the Smart Card Checker app.

Want to speak to someone? Call the contact centre on: 0344 9944 4777. Lines are open on weekdays, from 8am – 6pm. Staff are even able to authenticate CSCS cards over the phone.

Want to examine an employee or potential employee’s training record? Use the CITB’s online portal to access the Construction Training Register (CTR) where you’ll find all the information you need.

Here’s all you need to know about verifying cards online, via the app or over the phone. Both the online checker and app are free to use and you can examine as many cards as you wish.

What is the online CSCS card checker?

The CSCS card checker allows you to check a CSCS card’s validity as well as that of CPCS cards and CISRS cards (Construction Industry Scaffolders Record Scheme) from its partner schemes. You’ll be able to see current and archived information about the cardholders:

  • Card
  • Health, Safety and Environment / CPCS renewal / Triple Bar Nuclear tests
  • SSP (Site Safety Plus) SMSTS / SSSTS / SMSTS refresher course details.

The tool will only show you information for cardholders who are over 16. For those under 16, you’ll need to check with the scheme under which they are operating.

How to use the CITB Card Checker

Head to the CITB card checker page of the CITB website where you’ll need to enter the following information into the online form to see the cardholder’s card details:

  • surname or date of birth
  • ID number or registration number / CITB test ID / National Insurance number (permanent NI numbers only)

(or surname and CSCS card number / unique learner ID)

What is the Go Smart CSCS app?

The Go Smart Card Checker app makes it easy to scrutinize the validity of CSCS cards wherever you are. You can also check CPCS cards and CISRS cards on the app too.

The CSCS card checker app can be used both offline and online so you don’t have to worry about internet coverage on the go. However, the app isn’t compatible with old software so for mobile devices, you’ll need to be using more recent versions of Android or iOS. For PCs or laptops, you’ll need updated operating systems in place.

The app allows you to scan the Smart chip all CSCS cards contain, using any device. Whether mobile phone or PC, when you scan the chip on the card you’ll be able to see the relevant personal information about the cardholder’s qualifications, training, full name and more.

Fake or expired card? They’ll show up immediately on the card checker app as well as cards that are out of date or not verified.

How to use the Go Smart Card Checker

To check a card on the Go Smart Card Checker:

  1. Download the Go Smart app from your app store.
  2. Enter the registration number on the card.
  3. Type in the surname and forename displayed on the card.

What is the Construction Training Register’s portal?

The Construction Training Register’s portal makes it easy for employers to verify a cardholder’s training and qualifications.

The CTR is a database for the construction industry. It contains records of workers’ training and qualifications. Its purpose is to collate an industry record for training levels. This is to identify how best the CITB uses its resources for future workforce training.

You’ll need to ensure you’re running the most updated version of your search engine software for the portal to work correctly. Once you’ve signed up to the portal at no cost, you can log in and verify an employee’s training and qualifications. You’ll also be able to give feedback on CITB Approved Training Organisation’s (ATO) services and training standards or identify one as a favoured training provider.

If you’re an employee or trainee, you’ll be able to see all the training courses you’ve taken and the qualifications you have.

How to use the Construction Training Register’s portal?

  • If you’re already registered with the CITB, access the portal via the CITB’s services
  • If you’re not yet registered with the CITB, you’ll need to open an account with the CITB first.

Want to check a card yourself?

  1. Head to the CSCS website.
  2. Login and check the status of your cards or a cardholder’s training and qualifications. You will also be able to see whether a card is in date and valid.

Need further help?

For help with cards call the CITB on 0344 9944 4777 or email them at: [email protected].

Alternatively, call the CSCS on 0344 994 4777 or send them a message at [email protected]. For the CPCS it’s 0300 999 1177 (select option 1 to speak to CPCS card services) or [email protected].

If you think a card may be fake, contact the CITB at [email protected] with the cardholder’s details and if you can, a copy of the card. More about Fake CSCS cards and what to do if you find one.